The next big thing: Light filler in a cartridge

The usual situation in the construction site is that a painter carries heavy buckets of putty that need to be mixed to make the surface preparation before painting. There is no need for that anymore!

Wolf Group’s R&D department has come up with a new and innovative product: a lightweight ready to use acrylic filler made out of millions of small glass spheres. It is literally lightweight: it is fifty percent lighter than a normal filler in a cartridge. Who wouldn’t like to carry less weight and work faster? Besides the easy-to-use cartridge or sausage packaging, the light fillers special formula makes this product virtually shrink-free. This light filler will not lump and there is no need to build up layers or to apply it multiple times. Light filler density is 0,62 g/ml and it doesn’t stay brittle after curing.  The product has gained CE marking EN 13963: 1A.

Discover, explore, use

The most important criteria for the painters is always how fast a filler can be painted over. Wolf Group’s new light filler dries quickly and it can be painted over with a water-based or synthetic paints almost instantly. In normal conditions thinly applied layer can be sanded and painted over already after 20 minutes.

This lightweight filler is a very effective way to fill holes, cracks and touch-ups in one application. It is a perfect product for general decoration works, quick repairs and refurbishments. It can be used to prepare various porous indoor surfaces such as concrete, plasterboard, brick and wood before painting. It is suitable to be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and it stays bright white even after curing.

The light filler is easily cleaned up with cleaning wipes or damp cloth.

Every job needs a right product

Frequently asked questions are whether the light filler can be used to fill bigger gaps and is it waterproof? Light filler is not meant to be used in a bathroom or other wet rooms. To fill larger gaps or holes can be done in two layers leaving sufficient time between the layers. But in general, we recommend using a different type of gypsum board filler that is also represented in Wolf Group’s product portfolio.

Welcome to the era of light filler that is shrink-free and ready to be used.