A win-win combination

Wolf Group offers different packaging options for sealants and adhesives.

We produce and sell products in cartridges, 400 ml and 600 ml foil packages and buckets. The group´s mission is to save energy and contribute to a greener environment. We work on innovations that make products safer for users and environment. As such, we emphasize the benefits of the 400 ml foil package.  

The foil package and gun combination saves on resources

Plastic cartridges are difficult to recycle. Using foil packages generates less waste on the construction site. Builders can save money with the 400 ml solution, as the package cost per quantity of sealant is lower. 

Easy to use 

Professionals usually prefer cartridges due to their size. 400 ml sausage and regular cartridge guns are similar in size. They are easy to use on complicated joints and corners. This is important for factories where a 600 ml foil package gun is often too big. Air bubbles can be an issue with pneumatic cartridge guns. Using a foil package with a pneumatic gun doesn’t generate any risk of air bubbles during application. 

Longer shelf life 

The shelf life of products packed in foil package is longer compared to that of products in regular cartridges.  

Every solution innovated by Wolf Group has real meaning. Contact us for a tailor-made solution.