PENOSIL – 15 years as the flagship of construction chemicals

Product brand PENOSIL is part of Wolf Group | Krimelte – Europe’s leading manufacturer of construction chemicals – and is celebrating its 15th birthday this year. Launched in 2006, the brand’s construction foamssealantsadhesivescleaning and surface treatment products are sold on every continent, in nearly 40 different countries.

The development of the brand began with a practical need, as the company’s products were being sold under a number of different names, including Penoflex and Penoseal. PENOSIL is both a homage to what was before, while also being international enough to suit the European, American and Asian markets. PENOSIL’s first product was GoldGun construction foam, with sales in excess of 100 million cans. Three series were then developed, differentiated by quality and price: Gold, Premium, and Standard. In addition, a small selection of EasyPRO foams and sealants for home users was launched in 2015. Compared to the early years, the current product range is seven times larger, and 28 times more foams, sealants, and adhesives are sold.

PENOSIL has always been valued among professional builders and industrial customers. Brand development and innovation in the company’s Tallinn and Barcelona development centres focuses not only on chemical and tool development, but also on the development of various energy-efficient construction solutions. The target group for window installationsealing of facade joints and floor solutions consists of builders, designers and architects. In total, more than a million builders and related companies use PENOSIL products and solutions on a daily basis in both new builds and renovation projects. The main drivers of sales are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, France, and Spain, among other countries. The most exotic locations where PENOSIL has been used in construction are American Samoa, Ghana, Guatemala, South Korea, and Australia.

Historically, PENOSIL has always been modern, fresh and innovative, shaking up the conservative building materials market. EasySpray sprayable foam sealant, adhesive foams with a wide range of application areas, sealants supplied with a unique applicator, and EasyGun construction foam – for use with both a gun and applicator – are only a few of the brand names that have received recognition at design competitions, in addition to positive feedback from construction professionals.

Energy efficiency and green thinking are part of PENOSIL’s values and mission. By 2024, more than 75% of our products will meet the low volatile organic compound (VOC) certification requirements. We are also increasing our use of environmentally friendly raw materials, and PENOSIL’s packaging will contain 20% recyclable components by 2025.

PENOSIL’s jubilee year will culminate with a number of news that will reach the public in the second half of this year.

PENOSIL is a Wolf Group | Krimelte product brand. The Group’s production units are located in Estonia, Spain and Russia, with sales units located in the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, France, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.