Krimelte started production of disinfectants

Krimelte OÜ, a member of the Wolf Group, launched a new product line PENOSIL Care, which includes disinfectants for hands and surfaces.

Disinfectants are a logical addition to PENOSIL’s product portfolio, where in addition to construction foams, sealants and adhesives, cleaning agents are also represented. “The government’s call for companies that have the ability to produce disinfectants coincided with our product development plans and helped the idea to materialize faster,” says Eikki Kari, PENOSIL’s Sales Director. “We can now offer our customers a complete solution that includes joint sealants, tool cleaners, as well as six different disinfectants to destroy viruses and bacteria.”

The PENOSIL Care range stands out for its innovative packaging and ease of use. The flagship of the series is the PENOSIL Care Disinfectant for surfaces EasySpray used with a foam gun and spray nozzle. The disinfectant escapes from the nozzle attached to the foam gun in a fan-shaped manner. This makes it possible to cover large areas quickly and evenly in public spaces, industrial and construction sites. The special feature of the solution is shown by the fact that the spray nozzle is protected as an industrial design solution in Europe, the USA and Russia.

PENOSIL Care Disinfectant for surfaces Aerosol was developed based on a handy aerosol dispenser for households and smaller offices. In addition to the products in the aerosol can, the product range includes two sizes of PENOSIL Care Disinfectant for hands and PENOSIL Care Disinfectant for surfaces, which are mainly applied with a cleaning cloth.

Ethanol-based PENOSIL Care products are ready to use, do not require dilution or post-use rinsing. The prerequisites for disinfection are dirt-free surfaces and a well-ventilated room. See short introduction video here:

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