Eddi Joost unveiled as Krimelte’s new board member

This August, Eddi Joost was appointed as the fourth member of the Management Board of Wolf Group|Krimelte. He will be responsible for managing the finances of the Krimelte Group. Chairman Peeter Tohver as well as Jaan Puusaag and Jaanus Paeväli will continue on as members of the Management Board.

According to Peeter Tohver, the reason for bringing Eddi Joost onboard was the increase in the business revenue of the Group, which is why the importance of the management of cash flow and relations with financial institutions is increasing. As a member of the Management Board, Eddi can operate more effectively in managing the finances,” Tohver confirms.

Since 2018, when Eddi joined the Wolf Group wolf pack, he has participated daily in the work of the Management Board. “I regard my appointment as a member of the Management Board as great recognition of my past work, and I will continue to do my utmost to develop the best company and the whole team,” Joost says.

Eddi Joost has a graduate degree in practical philosophy from Tallinn University as well as an undergraduate degree in economic studies from Estonian Business School. In the past, he has worked in senior positions in the Estonian banking and financial consultancy field. In 2013-2018, he participated in the management of a manufacturing company. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of finance and manufacturing.