PENOSIL- a brand visitors expect to see at Baltic trade fairs

For almost 10 years the Wolf Group has been taking part in spring trade fairs around the Baltic States with the PENOSIL trademark, showcasing new products and all-in-one solutions and developments. In March and April 2019 the group once again appeared with a uniform stand design and message at fairs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The construction industry trade fairs House (Latvia), Estbuild (Estonia) and Resta (Lithuania) focus on promoting innovative technology and the latest skills, experience and know-how. Eva Iškova, the Sales Manager of Penosil Estonia, says that although visitors to construction fairs have very different profiles, the proportions of professional and home clients are more or less equal. “The target groups you see at these events are store representatives – at the management level and the level of the retail sales department – as well as professional sales experts, small businesses, self-employed workers in the industry and ordinary visitors,” she explained. Krimelte Lithuania Sales Manager Sigita Gasparaviciene says that while visitor numbers are slightly down overall in Lithuania, the contacts that people are making are more valuable and that all of Krimelte Lithuania’s existing and potential future partners have been represented at the events.

Know-how and product development

The PENOSIL trademark champions contemporary sealing work and solutions and contributes to debates on issues arising from the energy efficiency directive. We have developed a number of all-in-one solutions for energy-efficient window installation and a range of products that helps to solve the heat and humidity technology issues accompanying window assembly. Airtightness was in focus at the trade fairs. The importance of airtightness is illustrated, among other things, by the fact that in the case of nearly zero-energy buildings, proving airtightness post-construction by measuring it has become inevitable. Using the PENOSIL Airtightness Simulator designed and built in the Wolf Group, every visitor to our stand could see for themselves when and how air leakages occur and how such situations can be avoided. The visitors had a wide range of questions for us, such as whether sealing tape should be used in addition to PU-foam and why joints should also be covered with a layer of mastic. The Wolf Group has produced brand- and product-based brochures, videos and web solutions covering all of these topics for clients to peruse at home.

A big hit in the making

PENOSIL EasySpray foam was introduced and demonstrated for the first time at this year’s events. In rooms or construction elements with insufficient insulation, which in the climate of Northern Europe makes itself known through frosted surfaces, the solution is fragment insulation. From the point of view of cold bridges, critical spaces include sheds, garages, attics, basements, balconies, tanks and piping. PENOSIL EasySpray single-component insulation foam is meant especially for these applications. Instead of traditional bulky insulation boards and fasteners, insulation can be conveniently made on site with the help of spray foam. Thanks to its unique spray applicator, surfaces which are difficult to access and uneven surfaces can be isolated. PENOSIL EasySpray foam has nearly zero isocyanate content, which means that applying it is safe for both your health and the environment. Krimelte Latvia Key Account Manager Kirills Sokolovs says the foam was a big drawcard at the trade fairs. “To see up close how the EasySpray foam works and how to apply it, and to get the chance to try it for yourself, brought lots of people to our stand from all over the hall,” he said. The PENOSIL managers from Estonia and Lithuania confirmed that the same was true of the events in their countries.

Adhesives which have proven their worth

We are also pleased to report that the PENOSIL SpeedFix adhesive concept, which comprises nine different construction adhesives, has piqued the interest of professionals. Visitors to the trade fairs asked us many questions not only about the biggest-selling product in the SpeedFix range – the multi-purpose foam adhesive – but also about acrylic, solvent-based and hybrid adhesives, their bonding surfaces and adhesion techniques.

PENOSIL is the main brand of the Wolf Group, which sales units are located in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.