Design recognition for the PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula

The PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula has been selected for the final round of the Bruno product design award of the Estonian Association of Designers.

Of the 138 submissions, 59 have been selected for the final round, and the EasyPRO spatula is now competing in the Best Design of An Engineering-Technical Product category against two types of parcel lockers, a thermostat, a bicycle mud guard, a pier service station and a ball game used in occupational therapy. The nominated works will be exhibited at the XIII Design Night exhibition, which will open on 10 September at the atrium of Viru Keskus. The winners will be announced at the award gala on 14 September.

Krimelte launched the EasyPRO spatula in 2016, when the EasyPRO sealants that are marketed to home builders under the PENOSIL brand were equipped with a free tool – a spatula. The spatula was developed because, although the sealant was high-quality, people were having trouble applying it and weren’t happy with the aesthetic appearance. The spatula makes it easy to apply joint filler without previous experience. The spatula’s design was a result of teamwork. The challenge was to fuse industrial production, functional design, ergonomic qualities and top user experience to generate value added for the joint fillers developed at Krimelte. EasyPRO is available in 12 countries: including the Baltics, France, Spain and Russia.

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