PENOSIL EasyPRO product line scores in the high league

The Penosil EasyPRO product line launched in 2015 continues to conquer new markets with its product development focused on user experience. In addition to renovation kits complete with tools, Wolf Group will surprise consumers with silicones in soft tubes.

The Penosil EasyPRO series was born of the realisation that home users and builders should be met halfway, as they need products and tools that are easy to handle, guarantee a good result and save both time and money. Dovydas Auštras, Country Manager of Krimelte LT, was one of the creators and visionaries of the new concept. As the EasyPRO spokesperson, he says that a global survey of user behaviour patterns was a prerequisite to designing and developing the concept. “There were two starting points. First, studies on FMCG sector trends predicted customer habits to change in the near future. Second, there were market changes in the US DIY sector.”

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